We cannot avoid the production of free radicals in our bodies, but we can do our best to limit their effects on us.

Super Antioxidant Formula is a complete, natural remedy to help counteract free radical activity.

Rose oil

The results of studies demonstrated a positive effect on lowering total cholesterol levels.

Soybean oil

Helps promote healthy cardiovascular function.

Flaxseed oil

Enhances a healthy cardiovascular system.


Natural formula with Bulgarian Rose Oil

One capsule contains:
Bulgarian Rose oil (Rosa Damascena) – 15.0 mg
Virgin Oil of linseed- 150.0 mg
Soybean oil, refined, non GMO-107.0 mg
Fish gelatin – 52,2mg
Water- 8.85 mg
Silicon Dioxide 380– 8.0mg
Flaxseed oil, CP Virgin Organic – 150
Each capsule (280 mg) contains: 100 % Bulgarian rose oil:15 mg.
Energy value of one capsule: 1 Kcal