Strength your Heart
Detoxify your body
Boost your libido
Passion for life

VenusRoses Capsules is our premier nutritional formula contains powerful antioxidant Bulgarian rose oil and is designed to deactivate a specific type of free radical known as singlet oxygen, the one that is generated by ionizing radiation of the sun.

It contains the highest quality liquid forms of rose oil and flaxseed oil.

VenusRoses Capsules is a unique antioxidant for the muscles, brain, skin, and heart.

  • Supports body structure
  • Anti-aging nutrient

VenusRoses Capsules is a unique combination of nutrients that assist the formation of skin structure as well as providing specific anatioxidants known to help protect the skin.

The most important factor in protecting the skin from chemical and sun-related stress is the antioxidant defense system. Antioxidants are needed in order to “soak up” the free radicals that are generated by exposures.

VenusRoses Capsules stimulate the immune system in physical activity; promote antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant performance of the body. May be used to help the human body to reduce oxidative damage.


VenusRoses Capsules are the result of an innovative solution for the capture of pure rose oil in a capsule thanks to a patented French technology.
Licaps® were created in response to demand for “natural” products:

No preservatives
No gluten
Sugar Free
No synthetic fragrances and dyes

For product’s quality speaks the covered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.