The Venus Roses Capsules consist only of high quality ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness.

They are produced in accordance with the highest European standards for dietary supplements and are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.


The GMP certificate is a proof that the products meet the criteria of the Food Chemical Codex issued by the World Health Organization. GMP is a guarantee of controlled chemical, biological and physical composition of the products.

Licaps® Fusion Technology

Licaps Technology

VenusRoses Capsules is manufactured under a patented technology Licaps® by CAPSUGEL, France.

Liquid formula for rapid and even digestion.

licaps technology

Venus Roses Capsules in Licaps® are produced with gelatin of marine origin ocean caps, thus satisfying the different consumers’ needs – vegetarianism, different cultural and religious requirements.

Health: made from farmed fish skin protein, non mammalian origin

Lifestyle: approved by pesco-vegetarian diets and specific food requirement

Ethic: using the whole fish to avoid sea plundering taking care of natural resources